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Covid 19 UpdatesStop the Spread of Omicron Get Yourself Screened

Stop the Spread of Omicron Get Yourself Screened

Transmission: It is more likely to have increased transmission than original SARS – COV 2 Virus, but it is difficult to infer if it is more transmissible than Delta.

Disease Severity: It is unclear if infection with Omicron variant is associated with more severe disease.

Preliminary information from South Africa indicates that there are no usual symptoms associated with Omicron variant infection and as with variants, some patients are asymptomatic.

Impact on Vaccine induced Immunity or Immunity from Previous Infection.

The spike protein in the primary target of vaccine induced immunity; the omicron variant contains more changes in the spike protein that have been observed in other variants. Based on the numbers of substitutions the location of these substitutes and data from other variants with similar spike protein, substitutions significant reduction in neutralizing activation of   from vaccinated as previously infected individuals which may indicate reduced protection from infection are anticipated.

Laboratory  and epidemiological studies are needed to assess the impact of the omicron variant on vaccine effectiveness and break through infections, including individuals who have received booster does, now ever  vaccinated is anticipated to  after protection against hospitalization and death and vaccines continue to play a critical role in controlling the Covid 19 pandemic.

Impact on Monoclonal Antibody Treatment:-  Monoclonal antibodies it will return efficacy against the omicron variant. This is based on data from other variants with significant fewer changes in RBD (Receptor Binding Domain).

Impact on diagnostics: – RT PCR diagnostic tests are expected to detect the Omicron variant.

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