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ICU Specialist

As an experienced ICU specialist in Delhi, I am committed to the accurate treatment and high quality care of patients who are critically ill, and require intensive care. 

With my advanced training and vast experience of 17 years in treating complex emergency cases, I am competent in a broad range of common medical conditions among critically ill patients as well as with the procedures, processes and modern technology used in emergency situations. 

My areas of intensive care specializations include – Sepsis and Mechanical Ventilation to ensure the patient’s condition is medically controlled under my supervision. As a critical care specialist in Delhi, I’ve worked with the leading hospitals, including – Rockland Hospital, Fortis Healthcare and Max Hospital, among others.

General Physician

As one of the best general physicians in Delhi, I believe in establishing clear communication right from the first conversation with my patients, for comprehensive diagnosis and proactive treatment.  

With my rich medical experience of more than a decade, I have helped hundreds of patients completely eliminate, prevent or manage common physical problems like – fevers, diabetes, hypertension, infections, pains and acute aches, low immunity disorders, allergies, seasonal ailments, blood pressure, bronchial asthma, among many others. 

Whether online or in-person, being a certified general physician in Delhi, my utmost focus is to combine my broad knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and provide the necessary care and medical help to patients.


As a general medical practitioner in Delhi, I offer expert medical aid and advice to patients with illnesses and ailments, both for acute care and general healthcare.

Serving both adults and children, I have gained a depth of experience in evaluating patients through tests and examinations, and prescribing corrective treatment. In order to correctly diagnose and treat diseases, illnesses or injuries, I focus on building empathy-led conversations, and make patients feel as if they are talking to a trustworthy family physician. 

Patience and trust are two key factors to become a successful general practitioner online in Delhi. By practicing these virtues, I make a difference in the lives of my patients, and provide nonsurgical medical care and general preventive information to them.

Hello! I’m Dr. Nitin Garg, a certified senior critical care medicine specialist with more than 17 years of experience.

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