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UncategorizedDo People with Diabetes Need to Fast Longer Before Surgery?
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Do People with Diabetes Need to Fast Longer Before Surgery?

A common question that arises during pre-surgery preparation in a diabetic patient is should the patient fast longer than usual. We Enquired this  with a general physician, Dr. Nitin Garg, tone of the top general physician in Delhi, who can provide a better perspective and specific advice on this  subject.

Why Should You Fast Before Surgery?

It is a common medical practice to fast from clear fluids preceding surgery to decrease the risk of surgery related complications, both intraoperatively and postoperatively. This is particularly long established in those with diabetes where patients’ blood sugar level is fluctuating regularly. Glucose in the body may not be controlled properly causing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Thus, it becomes important to consult a specialist like Dr. Nitin Garg whose expertise will help the patient to ensure that their blood sugar levels are kept under control.

Managing Diabetes and Fasting

Here are some suggestions when it comes to fasting and managing diabetes:

For diabetics diagnosed with an eating disorder, it is crucial to see a general physician for an individualized fasting protocol to ensure safety. For most people, the general rule is nothing by mouth for 8-12 hours prior to surgery. However, diabetics may require different guidelines depending on their blood sugar  values pre surgery and the type of surgery they are having. Our general physician Dr. Nitin Garg, can provide suggestions specifically tailored to the needs of such individuals, ensuring the best way of managing blood sugar.

Importance of Consulting a General Physician

It is always important for diabetic patients to talk to their doctor before undergoing surgery. Ideally, a diabetic should be well-regulated with blood sugar before any surgical procedure. A standard pre-operative assessment by a general physician like Dr. Nitin Garg, includes close scrutiny of the patient’s current blood sugar control, medication regimen, and overall health status. This evaluation helps develop a fasting plan that minimizes the dangers of surgery and anesthesia.

Best General Physician – A Life-Saving Role

The physician will coordinate with the surgical team to control and treat the patient’s blood glucose levels both before and after surgery. This integration helps identifying disruptions in blood sugar levels almost instantly, thereby minimizing the possibility of any complications. Insulin doses or oral medications might need adjustments and instructions about how to manage if blood sugar levels go out of control during fasting. Diabetics may need different calorie-prescribing instructions during fasting to ensure their blood sugars are well controlled. Creating a safe and effective plan requires consultation with a general physician .. With the help of their healthcare team, diabetics can prepare for surgery with less fear of complications.

Dr. Garg’s expertise and his patient-centered approach makes him an invaluable resource for those navigating the complexities of pre-surgical preparation.

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