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Covid 19 UpdatesFrequently Asked Questions about Omicron
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Frequently Asked Questions about Omicron

Q1) Can I know which Covid variant is there in my sample if it turns to be positive?

A1) You cannot detect Covid variant on routine Rapid Antigen Test and RT PCR Test. If your test turns to be positive for Covid 19 ,further genome Sequencing will be needed to detect the variant. Currently all the testing labs submit the positive samples to certain State Govt identified labs for sequencing . The information about the variant type is shared along with the govt.

Q2) Should I worry if I am Covid positive now with suspected Omicron variant?

A2) There is no reason to worry if your test comes out to be positive. The majority of patients who are positive .The majority of patients who are positive with omicron are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms of cold, fatigue, cough & fever. Very rarely hospitalization is required. Early report shows that patients who are vaccinated are having mild symptoms people who are not vaccinated for Covid may have serious symptoms or hospital admissions.

Q3) Can I am covid positive if I be taken complete vaccination or had Covid infection earlier?

A3) Yes, you can get Covid re infected and also after being vaccinated. Vaccines for  any infections are not 100% effective same holds true for Covid vaccines also. An infection of fully vaccinated person is referred to as a vaccine breakthrough infection some people who are fully vaccinated will still get Covid 19.

Q4) what precaution should I take if I am covid positive?

A4) Once you become covid positive (Infection it is omicron + or not). You should take standard precaution

*Stay at home except to get medical isolated.

*Separate yourself from other people

*Monitor your symptoms and oxygen saturation

*Consult your doctor

Q5) What is the difference between Delta and Omicron?


      Delta                                                               B.1.617.2                                                                             

      Omicron                                                        B.1.1.529


       Delta Origin                                                 India                    

       Omicron Origin                                          South Africa      


       Delta Spread                                             More easily than earlier variants                              

       Omicron Spread                                       May spread more easily than other variants including delta


      Delta Severe Illness                                May have more death                                  

      Omicron Severe Illness                         Due to small number of cases , the current severity of   

                                                            illness and death is unclear practically these cases seem to be


    Delta Breakthrough infections             Are expected in  fully vaccinated people

    Omicron Breakthrough infections       Are expected in  fully vaccinated people


     Vaccines and Boosters                            Same  effective at preventing severe illness ,hospitalization and  


Q6) Will the existing vaccines work against Omicron?

A6) Viruses constantly change through mater and sometimes these mutation result in new variant some variants emerge and disappear while other persists .People vaccinated with full doses of vaccines are protected against risk of severe illness and hospitalization and death now ever patients can have mild symptoms.

Q7) What is the meaning of Booster Dose?

A7) Booster shot are same as additional dose of vaccine It has some formulates as the volume of booster can be same as less than last second dose. In some countries mixing of vaccines are allowed but in India, it is not allowed and under consideration. So the current guidelines from Indian Government suggest that the booster dose of same vaccine will be given as was the previous vaccine.

Q8) Common Symptoms of Omicron?

A8) Symptoms of Omicron variant are same a those of SARS Covid 19-

* Running Nose

* Fever and cough

* Headache

* Fatigue

Omicron positive patients usually do not report loss of smell or taste.

Q9) Are children safe this time?

A9) Children are equally susceptible to get the infection but as per the current observation, the illness is mild as it was in earlier waves.

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